We have created a tax consultancy firm in which we wanted to work ourselves.

Who are we?

We have created a tax consultancy firm in which we wanted to work ourselves – an organisation that is less formal and less bureaucratic, flexible and more friendly.

We work for large, medium-sized and small businesses. We keep abreast of all business news on an international scale. We also know what problems Polish and foreign entrepreneurs operating in Poland have to contend with. We respond to various needs – our clients are often our good acquaintances that we have known for many years. We look after these relationships. They are important for us. They give us satisfaction.

Today a lot is being said about corporate social responsibility. Companies undertake different activities which are to show how important the external environment is to them – they help children’s homes, they conduct pro bono activities, etc. We understand our social responsibility not only as the company’s activities aimed outside. In our opinion, if you want to repair the world, you should start with yourself. This is why it has been our goal to create a workplace in which people can find conditions for balancing their work and private life, which is not a standard on the tax consultancy market. For us, a responsible employer is one which does not expect an employee to be at their disposal at all times and capable of working 10-12 hours a day. Such life style has a negative impact on the employee’s health and private life.

Therefore, we successfully undertake the difficult task consisting in combining our client’s needs with the needs of our employees, so that the people behind our firm may not only develop professionally, but also hold other important roles – as parents, spouses, scientists, or even sportspersons. We believe that the fulfilment of this task is our priority in the relationships with employees. In our opinion pursuing higher profits at the cost of our employees’ health and time is unethical.

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Why is it worth joining our team?

It is really good to work in our firm. Why? Here are several reasons:

  • our opinion – on the market we have an opinion of a company which respects its employees
  • development and work-life balance – most of us successfully combine our professional development (the company is developing and we are also learning new things, we conduct very interesting and varied projects) with private life (family, learning, hobbies)
  • teleworking – we use flexitime/teleworking from your home or any other place of Earth
  • organisational structure – the rungs on the organisational chart are symbolic in our firm, and sometimes blurred; it is rather a hierarchy of responsibilities, differences in the level of experience than a firm division into “top” and “bottom”
  • leadership – we understand the role of a partner and manager not as a person wo controls and gives orders, but as a person offering assistance and support to younger employees in their everyday work; no one pretends to be infallible – solutions are developed together through dialogue; we know that we need one another to carry out our tasks well 
  • flexibility instead of bureaucracy – we practically have no formalised rules and guidelines; work and activities are planned by people in order to carry out specific tasks 
  • diversity – we usually work in groups – we support one another, exchange opinions
    older people listen to younger ones, use their suggestions and appreciate them; lawyers support economists and vice versa – we believe in the power of diversity;
  • informal atmosphere – we smile, laugh and talk a lot; people who leave us (rarely...) say that they will miss our atmosphere


Martyna Galewicz - Office & HR Manager

mobile: +48 796 247 186

Who are we?


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